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Late last year we moved our vegetable garden to create some more space for the kids, and allowed the old one to grass over and become part of our lawn.  Have a look at these photos:


Our  lawn

Old vege garden lawn 2017.JPG

The old vegetable garden, left to become part of our lawn










I have never applied fertiliser to our lawn (who’d want to make it grow faster?!).  So it is quite weedy, and bare looking at certain times of the year.

Every year I put a mixture of sheep manure, compost, and handfuls of nitrogen, phosphate, pottassium, and lime on our vege garden.  And look at the difference those nutrients make!  Beautiful, thick, yummy clover, naturally increasing the nitrogen in the soil.

In the future, it would be great to get our new garden tested to see where our selenium levels etc are at.  We do soil tests regularly on our farm to work out how much sulphur, selenium and other nutrients we need to add to the base mix of phosphate and potassium to ensure our pasture and our animals are getting the optimum amount of minerals they need.

Some NZ soils (not all) are naturally low in selenium, which is essential for human and animal health.  We add selenium to our fertiliser to ensure the health of our cattle and sheep.  I would be interested to find out if vegetable growers add minerals that are essential for human health to their soils, or just those essential for plant health?

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