GrassFed in the city

4 million kiwis telling our story

What’s the best thing about this warm rain?  Pasture growth!

What’s the next best thing?  Water in our household water tank, so a slightly longer shower!

And what’s the next best thing?  Mushrooms!!!

After several months with almost no rain here in Auckland, the last couple of days have brought big smiles to our faces.  We’ve had close to 100ml of rain, enough to get the grass growing again.  Hopefully we can follow up with a few more rainfall events over the next couple of weeks.

Dan came in from the farm this morning to grab the kids and go mushroom hunting.  If you’ve never tasted wild mushrooms before, they are a taste that can’t be compared anything really, and they are nothing like white button mushrooms from the supermarket.  They are savoury and rich, and so…. earthy.  And blimmin nourishing!  What an amazing nutritional contribution they must have made to our ancestors diet in the autumn.

Anyway, the kids came running down the hill half an hour later with a beer box full of mushrooms  (I would have loved to say a basket, but let’s just tell it how it is).  And after peeling the mushrooms and frying them up with some butter, bacon and a bit of cream – it was the perfect way to have a lunch celebrating the end of a drought

I love meals like what we had at lunch, when the hero of the meal has come from our farm.  (It may have helped that Dan cooked instead of me).  There’s something very special about eating something you’ve foraged for, and I basked today in the way our kids appreciated that what they were eating was special, and something that can only happen a couple of times a year.

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