I’m like, totally bugging!

Dear Alicia, I’d like to start by saying that you are an icon of my generation. I could almost quote your performance in Clueless word for word. However, I’d just like to point out that your recent endorsement of PETA in the ‘rather go naked than wear wool’ campaign is, in fact, reminiscent of the... Continue Reading →

Alternative Facts?

It is always great catching up with friends and having friends stay on the farm.  My daughter Keelin loves showing visitors the dogs (her dogs), the sheep and cattle and her prized guinea pigs!  This autumn my husband and I hosted a long time friend from Canada and his Chinese partner.  We were also treated... Continue Reading →

Connecting to understand

When I was five I met my Grandmother for the first time. She was a strong, straight up and no nonsense woman and  I didn't think she was like other grandmothers from what I had heard. One day,  my parents were out and I was slightly nervous that I was in the house with her... Continue Reading →

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