GrassFed in the city

4 million kiwis telling our story

When I was five I met my Grandmother for the first time.

She was a strong, straight up and no nonsense woman and  I didn’t think she was like other grandmothers from what I had heard.

One day,  my parents were out and I was slightly nervous that I was in the house with her alone.  She called me into the kitchen and I reluctantly put the Barbies aside to go to her.  She was making apple pie.  She pulled up a chair and started to show me how to carefully roll out pastry.  She then showed me the circle we had made and pointed out where I lived (on this imaginary planet) and where she lived and how it was light on one side of the globe when it was dark on hers and how the seasons were different as the side of the circle moved farther away from the sun.

When I think of this moment years later, I think of the lesson I learnt that day about and through food—  it is more than just what we eat—  it is an opportunity to connect, learn and create.

It is this passion for creating that I see farmers put into growing their food every day.  As it is election season and it seems the rural and urban divide has been widened by our political parties I hope that we can connect and understand each other’s perspectives as it is our ability to produce food for our global family that is at risk.


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