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Dear Alicia,

I’d like to start by saying that you are an icon of my generation. I could almost quote your performance in Clueless word for word.

However, I’d just like to point out that your recent endorsement of PETA in the ‘rather go naked than wear wool’ campaign is, in fact, reminiscent of the IQ level of Cher Horowitz.

Before you form your fingers into the classic W shape and mouth ‘Whatever’ please consider the following facts:

  • Synthetic materials and the production of them are causing major problems both socially and environmentally. Many ‘vegan-leathers’ don’t take the environment into account. Synthetic leather is usually made from PVC or polyurethane plastic (PU), both of which have been linked to carcinogenic substances. This puts the wearers and the makers of these fabrics at risk. Beyond the production line, even washing these fabrics can cause harm. When we wash synthetic materials they release plastic microfibres into the ocean, damaging marine habitats.
  • I’m not sure where PETA got the idea that shearers can punch sheep in the face but if you ever did punch a sheep in the face you wouldn’t be able to work for some time as your hand would be in a cast. A sheep’s skull is built like an armoured car – have you ever seen nature documentaries where rams are butting heads together?  So, I’m sure you will understand that our fragile human hand is no match.
  • Sheep need their wool removed for their wellbeing. Flies can lay eggs in their wool which turn into maggots and then a sheep can look like this. I think you would agree that this is cruel!
  • Admittedly sheep can get cut during shearing –it’s a bit like when you cut your legs shaving. No sheep I have ever seen has died from it.
  • Shearers are amazing! Do you know it takes them less than 2 minutes to shear a sheep?  (The world record is world record is 37.9 seconds).  I think you would agree I wouldn’t mind getting rid of body hair in that amount of time versus the hour long waxing sessions!
  • Just to end on a high note – you look fabulous and I’d probably go naked too if I were you but please just inform yourself a bit more before donating yourself to a cause – and not just sporadically.

    A female farmer and wool wearer.

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