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At our place during Covid-19

March 28, 2020

We have been saturated with Covid-19 this week.  And how could that be anything less?  My thoughts are with everybody who is experiencing hardship and anxiety.

My thoughts are with those who have lost their jobs.  With the solo parents navigating sourcing food and keeping their children safe. For the essential workers still keeping on in the face of some very scary scenarios.  For the children whos one safe place was school.  And that safe place has been taken away from them.

(My thoughts are not with twats that have so far been unable to stay home for even a few days, or the people annoyed they can’t buy online and continue their addiction to consuming crap they don’t need – what a great time to get that sorted!).

There’s so much I can’t fix right now, beyond looking after my family, and helping out people in our communities that will struggle in the coming weeks and months.

As our farmwork continues through the end of this drought (hopefully!) and our preparations for winter, I think we’ll give GrassFed in the City a bit of a reboot.  There’s not a lot of other news going at the moment – so maybe its an opportunity to catch up with non-farmers, and talk about what we do on farm, and why we do it.

Stay calm.  Stay kind.  Stay safe.


nicky 11


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